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photo: Katharine O'Moore-Klopf, ELS, consulting medical editor
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In my first professional job, I was a reporter for a midsize Texas newspaper, where I observed talented editors polishing writers' prose, including mine, without removing their voice from it.

When I moved to the publishing industry, I was determined to do the same thing that those editors had done, but for book and journal authors. It has been a wonderful journey, beginning with editing theater play scripts and moving on through fiction, popular nonfiction, biography, how-to books, and consumer health and psychology to medical textbooks and biomedical journals. While working for a medical publisher, I developed a special talent for editing manuscripts written by multi-language authors.

In 1995 I established KOK Edit as a sole proprietorship to provide editorial services to publishers and authors. Today my main focus is medical editing, both books and journal articles. It is enormously satisfying to help multi-language authors communicate their research to their peers worldwide. I like to believe that what I do makes at least a small difference in the world in two ways:

It is a privilege to be entrusted with polishing an author's work, one for which I am always deeply grateful. I can often be found drinking a cup of tea brewed using fresh tea leaves from China, Japan, Taiwan, or India in honor of my authors' publishing successes.

How did I become an editor for life? Read this post on the blog of Editors Toronto.

Current (2024) profession-related data on me, your editor: 40 years in publishing, 29 of them in medical publishing; self-employed full time since 1995.

A few words about my business’s name, KOK Edit: It is pronounced “Kay-Oh-Kay Edit,” because I created its name by using my personal initials, KOK, which stand for Katharine O’Moore-Klopf.

Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association since 1995     Member of the Council of Science Editors since 2006     Member of the American Medical Writers Association since 2010     Member of BELS since 2008 and board-certified editor in the life sciences (ELS)

Member of ACES: The Society for Editing since 2012        Winner of the 2013 Robinson Prize from ACES        Member of the World Association of Medical Editors since 2006

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