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Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base

Want to become an editor, improve existing skills, find some new editing tools, network with other editors, or look for editing jobs? The Copyeditors' Knowledge Base, established in 2004, is the place to find the resources you're looking for. It has been endorsed by editor and proofreader Louise Harnby; by editor and writer Tammy Ditmore; and by Carol Saller, who is the author of The Subversive Copy Editor and was the editor of the Chicago Manual of Style Online's Q&A and of the CMOS Shop Talk blog. It is also listed in the Journalist's Toolbox, which is curated by the Society of Professional Journalists.

I provide links here to associations, tools, businesses that contract with freelance editors, and other items and entities that self-employed editors might find helpful. I do this as a service because I like editors. But it is your job to dig up enough info about these items before deciding whether they'll be beneficial for you. If you don't want to do your own legwork, you'd likely do better as an employee than as a consultant.

Inclusion in the Copyeditors' Knowledge Base of information about a tool, resource, program, organization, publication, website, or blog does not necessarily imply that I endorse it. All entries are supplied for informational purposes only. If you know of information that would be a good addition to the Copyeditors' Knowledge Base, please e-mail me.